Comp Management

our services in comp management included as follow


TPC’s in-house design and engineering team works together with clients to turn their ideas into reality by making the right designs for their camps. TPC will create an accommodation solution that addresses clients’ budget, time and location challenges. Construction of the facilities can be flexible to include the options of pre-fabricated units, light steel structure, and conventional brick building, etc.


TPC can provide all kinds of furniture at various price points utilized for bedrooms, offices, dining halls, sports and game rooms as well as assorted equipment for offices, kitchens, gyms, etc.


TPC can provide its clients with assorted services such as:

Road transportation

Multi-Model Transportation

Break-Bulk Cargo

Project Cargo

Custom Clearance


No matter the size of the camp, we have the professional manpower, equipment and skills to clean and maintain it thoroughly.


TPC provides full fledge integrated camp maintenance services. These professional services cover repair and maintenance for electrical, plumbing and air conditioning equipment as well as civil infrastructure and systems.

Laundry services

TPC provides on-sight laundry and dry cleaning services to meet all camp and workers needs. The internationally branded equipment and detergents used ensure the professional and dependable result that TPC’s camps and hotels have used over time.


Our complete catering services including personnel, menu planning, daily food preparation and service, as well as custodial support pertaining to the nutritional needs of all camp residents.

The key here is to assess the needs of the diners based on nutritional value, the nuances of varying ethnic palates and tastes, the use of local fresh produce, and keeping diners healthy and satisfied day in and day out.

Various cuisines have been offered including local Iraqi delicacies, Oriental, Western, Chinese, South Pacific, Indian, Italian, Russian and American cuisines. Special menus are developed for special events and activities which meet religious, ethnic and cultural requirements of a multi-national clientele

Car and equipment rental

TPC can provide on sale and/or rental basis all kinds of vehicles and equipment to meet clients’ requirements and needs.


SuppLy Oil and Gas: Supplying the best quality oil & gas equipment & material


Completion equipments:

  • Oil well Completion equipment & accessories.
  • Wellhead, casing equipment and down hole tools and accessories.

Instrumentation equipments

  • Measuring, Automation & Control Equipment.
  • Flow Instrumentation.
  • Instrumentation & Tools.
  • Laboratory Equipment.
  • Gauges & transmitters.

Oilfield safety supply

  • Fire Fighting Pumps & Equipment.
  • Fire Fighting Chemicals & Gears.
  • Fire Engines.
  • Safety & Security Equipment.
  • Gas Detectors.


  • Assorted Oil Well Pumps & Parts.
  • Assorted Water Pumps & Parts.

Pipes & valves

  • Valves (Globe, Ball, Check, Butterfly, Needle etc.) and Actuators of Different Materials.
  • Seals, Ring Joint, Gaskets and Stud bolts.
  • ASME, API Pipe Fittings and Flanges of different materials.
  • Pipeline Rigging Products.
  • Casing & Tubing.
  • Assorted Line Pipes and Fittings.

Chemical & fluid

  • Oilfield Chemicals such as Emulsifier, Corrosion Inhibitors, Paraffin Control Products, Scale Inhibitors, Corrosion Inhibitors, Calcium -Hypochlorite, TEG/Dehydrator etc.
  • Wellhead, casing equipment and down hole tools and accessories.
  • Lubricants.
  • Drilling Fluids.
  • Water Treatment Products.

Production enhancement products

  • Through Tubing Perforating System.
  • Perforation Charges.
  • ASME, API Pipe Fittings and Flanges of different materials.
  • Bridge Plugs.
  • Slim Guns.
  • Oil Well Explosives.
  • Tubing Cutters.

Gas equipment & accessories

  • Boilers.
  • Cooling Towers.
  • Corrosion Inspection Tools.
  • Turbines, Generator & Transformers.
  • Gas & Air Compressors.
  • Separators & Filters.
  • Engines, Motors & Parts.
  • Generators, Compressors, Transformers &Turbines.
  • Heavy Equipment & Machinery.
  • Lifting Equipment & Cranes.
  • Lighting & Electrical Products.
  • Welding & Cutting Equipment.

Welding Services

Top performance company have a good experience team for welding pipe line & each welding job specially in oil Field , HSE is first target of TPC team and we are working carefully to make all TPC team and other partner team go back home without injury. We have special team to follow up the quality of each job. Quality is second target of TPC group.

TPC have a large number of sophisticated equipment and high-end talent in pipeline engineering materials, pipe welding technology, piping, special tools and pipeline construction technology, pipeline corrosion protection technology, piping nondestructive testing technology, pipeline safety evaluation, pipe information standard eight fields a leading domestic , pipe beveling machines, pipe cold cutting machines, pipe welding stands, pipe jacks, pipe alignment clamps, and pipe chain alignment clamps provide a better productivity for welded pipe and a more.